Face in the Mist (faceinthemist) wrote in paranoos,
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Yes, I realize this song makes for a weird background to this post

Please Christmas, don’t be late.

The source of ones paranoia has always fascinated me. While so many people are paranoid that other people will cause them pain, i personally have long since stopped worrying about other people. Other people can do nothing to you compared to the pain and torment that you can inflict upon yourself.

time for toys and time for cheer

One of my big things is the damage that your mind constantly subjects you to... and i’m always talking about mental pain. I avoid talking about physical pain. How many people know what blood looks like when only illuminated by the end of a cigarette? How many people realize what it meant when i finally bought myself a knife again... did you realize that it meant i actually trusted myself again?

Other people mean nothing to me.... i’m the one i should be scared of.

Me i want a hula-hoooop
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